In my opinion, my firm was extorted and raped by Glassdoor. Like any good employer, we strive to make a work environment comfortable and calloborative for all of our employees. Everyone works hard and our work is sometimes fun and sometimes plentiful. Over many years we’ve had many happy employees and few employees that were not suited for the work or culture. A small subset of the employees that left either on their own volition or were terminated left reviews which were false and defamatory.

A small or large business needs good co-workers. Having a false or defamatory review about your company hurts in several ways. A Glassdoor review may not reflect the truth or culture of the firm. The false review may impact a candidates view of the firm. This is where Glassdoor extorts and leverages its ability to obtain protection from first amendment rights of self expression to avoid all responsibility of reasonable fact checking or objective review of the truth of a defamatory review.

Glassdoor in my opinion scours its website for companies with poor reviews and then has their sales team offer a suite of services for thousands of dollars to enable the company to improve its review and provide canned pdf documents on what to do. It also provides an enhanced glassdoor website with content provided by the company and an ability for the company to order the good reviews ahead of the poor reviews. We paid thousands of dollars to Glassdoor and our opinion Glassdoor is a company that extorts monies out of companies that get bad reviews from in essence terminated employees.

This website is for employers to tell their story. I am also considering a website to  rate former employees that it suspects of writing bad reviews. This website is dedicated to hard working entrepreneurs and managers who are defamed or obtain improper reviews posted by Glassdoor without recourse, and former employees (people) who think that they can get away with writing a false review with the protection of Glassdoors terms of service and freedom of speech. Freedom of speech works two ways – management has a voice and it can voice it by posting wrong doings (in their opinion) and voice opinions about people.

My hope is Management will tells its stories about Glassdoor.